HL-2A EDS (Experiment Data System) is one of the largest experiment data system in China. It’s composition and performance are as follows: an experiment network with 768Gbps switching capacity, containing more than 400 node computers; a data acquisition system with 1200 acquiring channels, 60MS/s top ADC speed and 600MB/shot data acquisition capability;  a displaying system with more than 30 M2 displaying area;  a storage system with  FC-SAN structure which has 12TB storage capability and 795MB/S reading speed and 630MB/s  writing speed, multi-layer backup and recovery data storage capability; a high performance computer with 768 GFLOPS peak performance ; a serials of software based on web or o.s. platform are used in all kinds of data processing and integrated management; and more than 70 function sub-systems in total.