ITER related research for 2006


10 ITER agreement tasks have been undertaken at SWIP, five of them have achieved their goals. The R&D of four ITER tasks (first wall and shielding blanket, magnet gravity support, gas injection and glow discharge cleaning system, neutron flux measurement) has been carried out. For example the technology for manufacturing high purity (>99%) ITER specified Be plate and CuCrZr alloy is obtained, their major mechanical and physical properties were measured. Besides, the static stress of the gravity support system for ITER was simulated by the finite element methodFEM. A neutron generator for the calibration of the neutron flux monitoring was designed in detail.

China has planned to develop own ITER TBM test blanket module modules for testing during ITER operation period, the design of ITER TBM is also in progressing, helium-cooled/solid tritium breeder (HCSB) with the pebble bed concept has been adopted in Chinese TBM module design. 3 dimensional structure models of HCSB TBM have been designed. A structural material named as CLF-1, a type of reduced activation ferritic/martenstic steel, was developed. Besides, some progress in fusion reactor design and related technology was achieved. It is includes study of high Z plasma facing materials such as WSi coating, experimental investigation of liquid metal blanket magnetohydrodynamicsMHDeffects such as flow channel insert to reduce MHD effects and so on. The conceptual design for the ceramic  breeder DEMO power plantHCSB-DEMOhas been carried out.