ITER related activities in 2010


SWIP has made great progress on the pre-research for its ITER related fabrication. SWIP signed with


ITER China the purchase contract of the first-phase technological qualification for ITER gravity support.


Meanwhile, following the active efforts in the Chinese ITER related projects in 2009; SWIP officially


started its ITER related work as a project in 2010. Various research topics were going on well in 2009 and


2010. ITER grade beryllium and special steels were developed. SWIP was ready to use the HIP diffusion


connection technology and electron beam welding technology for the components fabrication, which were


already approved by the IO. SWIP also made a number of achievements on the material development and


technology exploration. Part of the NFM system passed the CDR, and the verification module of the first


wall passed the international joint test. SWIP was recognized by the IO on the ITER TBM design.