ITER related activities in 2011


The pre-research for ITER procurement work and related research projects of China progressed well. Preparation for the contract signing for ITER procurement was on going. Since SWIP signed the contract of magnet support contribution, it has actively cooperated with CNDA to promote the contract signing of GIS and neutron flux diagnostic system. Early in 2011 the procurement agreement of NFM 7# port was signed, and that of GIS was estimated to be signed in early 2012. Related work of ITER contract also progressed well; the key equipment for the ITER gravity support procurement was fully developed. SWIP also carried out the certification test of the materials and developed relevant technologies, which was highly recognized by CNDA and ITER/IO. At present the open bidding was underway for machining the qualification test piece and technology qualification. The primary design work of the ITER shielding blanket in Chinese assigned task was completed, and the test equipment and site condition for the fabrication and test of the first wall semi-prototype component were prepared; the bidding and purchase of large HIP equipment for the fabrication of FW was done. The TA of ITER GIS/GDC was all completed, and the key test piece of GIS gas collecting tubes were fabricated and tested. The NFM prototype machine was developed and the test before delivery were done, and the fast electronics system for the machine was developed; achievements were also made in the driving power and the observing and controlling of ITER divertor probe. The design of the solid TBM was optimized; the high pressure helium experimental loop and the pebble-bed thermal property test platform were designed and developed. Breakthroughs were made in the key technologies of developing beryllium pebble using Rotating Electrode Process (REP) method, and hundred gram grade beryllium pebble was developed; The design of a 1/3 small size TBM module was developed, and the fabrication technologies were investigated and preliminarily verified.