Fusion reactor conceptual design meeting among SWIP-NIFS

-QST & Collaboration discussion

Topic 1

Overview of DEMO design activity in Japan

Lecturer Y. Sakamoto , QST
Topic 2 Progress in the conceptual design of the helical fusion reactor FFHR-d1
Lecturer Zaixin Li , SWIP
Topic 3 Investigations of MHD effects for the design of liquid blankets of fusion reactors
Lecturer Xiujie Zhang, SWIP
Topic 4 Design progress of the helical fusion reactor FFHR-c1
Lecturer J. Miyazawa , NIFS
Topic 5 Design and R&D Progress of HCCB TBS and CFETR HCCB Blanket
Lecturer Fengchao Zhao , SWIP
Topic 6 Operation plan of JA DEMO toward steady electric power generation and prospect of commercialization
Lecturer R. Hiwatari , QST
Topic 7 A preliminary idea for liquid metal blanket design with bionic consideration
Lecturer Lisha Xu , SWIP
Time Nov. 9, 2018
Location: The Second Floor Meeting Room in the CFS