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One of the most important challenges in the 21th century is to develop a clean energy system by which the environment and life on a global scale will be well protected. Central to this issue is to develop economical energy sources with low carbon dioxide emissions. Options include renewables and nuclear fission and, potentially, nuclear fusion.

 In the field of fission, R&D on advanced concepts like Generation-IV has been started including advanced materials and technologies. Intensive studies are continuing in respect of fuel cycling. Correspondingly, nuclear materials and fuels technology development are key issues for realization of advanced nuclear power reactors.

 In the field of fusion, international agreement on the construction of ITER, the first experimental reactor to be built in Cadarache, France, has been signed by parties. As cooperation partners, China and Japan will have their contributions in promoting the ITER project and the concerning technologies. The China-Japan Symposium will be an important exchange vehicle on the areas of advanced materials, technologies and related issues for ITER.

 The ninth China-Japan Symposium on Materials for Advanced Energy Systems and Fission & Fusion Engineering jointed with CAS-JSPS Core-university Program Seminar on Fusion Materials, System and Design Integration, organized by the Southwestern Institute of Physics, Chinese National Nuclear Industry Corporation (CNNC), will be held on Oct.23-26, 2007 in Guilin, a beautiful city in south of China.

The symposium has been held every two years in China and Japan alternatively. Initiated in Hefei, China in 1993, the symposium has become an important forum for scientists to exchange new information about advanced materials and technologies for advanced energy systems and fission & fusion engineering. The ninth symposium to be held in Guilin will continue the topics on system & design, blanket & first wall technology, fission & fusion materials and technologies, radiation damage analysis, and modeling & database.  Participants from other countries are cordially welcome.




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