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序号交 流 论 文 题 目报告人
1Construction of the HL-2A Tokamak刘德权
2HL-2A   主机加热 / 冷却水循环系统的安装及调试冉   红
3HL-2A   装置极向磁场电源研制姚列英
4基于   PLC 的 HL-2A 装置电源逻辑控制保护系统陈宇红
5HL-2A   装置中央逻辑控制系统设计李   波
6HL-2A   装置反馈控制系统程序放电的实现刘   莉
7HL -   2A 等离子体电流和水平位置反馈控制参数的优化及仿真毛苏英
8Hotter   Electron Mode of Operation Established with High Power Electron Landau   Heating in HL-2A高庆第
9HL-2A   场形分析李芳著
10Recent   Edge modeling on HL-2A潘宇东
11Application   of FIR Laser for Interferometry in HL-2A Tokama Plasma周   艳
12HL-2A   DAS 的现状与发展陈燎原
132A   数据处理系统的开发及应用潘   莉
14Preliminary   design of the data processing program on HL-2A tokamak阳   洋 洋
15Plasma   boundary identification and global confinement parameters evaluations on   HL-2A tokamak李   强
16The   Design of A 25-barrel Pellet Injector With Cycle Refrigerator For the HL-2A   Device肖正贵
17HL-2A   装置低杂波天线设计的初步考虑饶   军
18Neutral   Beam Injection Experiments in the HL-1M Tokamak严龙文
19Snake   studies in the HL-1M tokamak刘   仪
20Mode   analyses 0f MHD instability in the HL-1M Tokamak赵开君
22HL -   1M 装置等离子体与 ICRH 发射天线的相互作用赵培福
23Rayleigh-Taylor   不稳定性的理论研究邱孝明
24nstability   and Transport Driven by Electron TemperatureGradient Close to Critical董家齐
25Characteristics   of a Burning Plasma in A=2 Tokamak Reactors石秉仁
26Model   equations for ITG drift wave turbulence in the current-carrying plasmas王爱科
27Fokker-Planck   程序包的开发与应用龙永兴
28Neoclassical   Transport in Tokamaks With Electric Shear王中天
29Activation   Calculations for a Fusion Engineering Breeder Experimental Outline Design,   FEB-E冯开明
3030   Study of Neutronics and Neutron Irradiation Effectsfor Sperical Tokamak   Center-post张国书
31Conceptual   Design of ST-based Tritium Production Fusion Reactor何开辉
32Application   of energy supplement method in designs of transmutation blankets胡   刚
33Progress   and Status of Fusion Technology and Materials Research at SWIP许增裕
34Thermal   fatigue testing of purified tungsten and plasma sprayed tungsten coatings刘   翔
35The   recovery and recrystallization of the cold rolled V-W-Ti alloy谌继明
36Developments   of the Fast Ionization Gauge in a Strong Magnetic Field王明旭
37Helium   retention and surface modification of tungsten by low energy He + irradiation张   斧



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