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编辑: 发布时间: 2004年06月05日


序号     报告人
1Experimental observation of   divertor discharges on the HL-2A tokamak     (abstract)严龙文
2Electronic Density Measurement on   HL-2A Tokamak   (abstract)    
3Primary investigating of   Radiation Research on HL-2A (abstract)潘宇东
4Visible spectroscopic measurement   on HL-2A (abstract)    
5Anew method for measurement of   plasma ion mass spectrum (abstract)钟光武
6Studies on Snakes during Pellet   injection and LHCD on the HL-1M Tokamak (abstract)    
7HL-1M Tokamak data set in ITER   L-mode confinement database  (abstract)崔正英
8HL-2A plasma imaging  (abstract)郑银甲
9First results of Gas Jet   Injection into the Wendelstein 7-AS Stellarator (abstract)姚良骅
10Neutrinos calculation in support   of integrated vertical neutron camera for ITER using PVM cluster   (abstract)   
11Investigating Central MHD   Instabilities by The Singular Value Decomposition   (abstract)董云波
12HL-1M托卡马克中的中子通量和辐射剂量测量 (摘要)杨进蔚
15Study of internal transport   barrier triggering mechanism in tokamak plasma  (abstract)董家齐
16Magnetic field gradient and   curvature-driven drift modes in toroidal plasmas (abstract)王爱科
17Stochastic Ripple Diffusion of   Energetic Particles in Reversed Magnetic Shear Tokamak   (abstract)高庆第
18Role of on-board   discharge-induced magnetic pressure in supersonic shock wave mitigation and   elimination (abstract)邱孝明
19D T Burning Plasma   Characteristics in an A=2 Tokamak Reactor  (abstract)石秉仁
20求解有相对论效应的Fokker-Plank方程的程序包的开发与移植  (摘要)龙永兴
22HL-2A装置低杂波电流驱动系统设计 (摘要)   军
23HL-2A NBI系统设计及部件特性研究 (摘要)雷光玖
24The numerical calculation and   analysis of the spectrum of lower-hybrid waves launched by grill-type antenna   on HL-2A  (abstract)曾建尔
25Design of the ECRH transmission   system for HL-2A (abstract)    俊
26Design of A Large Scale Titanium   Getter Pump for HL-2A NBI Device    (abstract)           
27Vacuum performance improving of   HL-2A tokamak   (abstract)刘德权
29Designe and development of   HL-2Apower supply system (abstract)姚列英
30HL-2A磁场电源工程参数测量(摘要)   葵
31125MVA 交流脉冲发电机组的安装改造及调试运行(摘要)李志建
33The elementary study for the   density calculating based on the waveform data of HCN beat signals (abstract)陈燎原
34Feedback Control for Plasma   Position on HL-2A Tokamak (abstract)    
35Simulation of the discharge   waveforms of power supplies of HL-2A by a plasma resistance model   (abstract)宋显明
36Development progresses and   preliminary results of code FBI  (abstract)李  强
37The Method of Function Expanding   for the Data Processing and Drawing in HL-2A DAS(abstract)沈  勇
38Construction of a Secure and   Reliable Email System with Sendmail and InterScan (abstract)潘  卫
39The design of the real-time   display program for LED (abstract)阳  洋
40The remote communication &   control technologies in HL-2A DAS  (abstract)赵  丽
41Status of ITER Test Blanket   Module Program in SWIP (abstract)冯开明
42Local Thermal Mechanical Analysis   of Shield Blanket Module (abstract)张  斧
43The impact of solute interaction   on the tensile properties of vanadium alloy (abstract)谌继明
44Initial results of neutral gas   pressure measurement in the divertor chamber of HL-2A(abstract)王明旭
45Exploratory study of blanket   liquid curtain (abstract)胡  刚



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