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序号     目(426日 上午)报告人   主持人

1Application of Tomographic imaging to multi-pixel bolometric   measurements(abstract)  8:45-9:05
2Thomson   scattering diagnostic in HL-2A Tokamak  (EPS)(abstract)  9:05-9:25
3Observation of heat flux to outer divertor plate on the HL-2A   Tokamak  (EPS)   (abstract)  9:25-9:45
4Experiments of SMBI in 2006            (abstract)姚良骅9:45-10:05
5Study of central plasma relaxation phenomena and magnetic island   structures during electron cyclotron heating on HL-2A(abstract)董云波10:05-10:25
6The preliminary results of Multi-channel VUV Spectrometer on HL-2A     (abstract)  10:25-10:45
7New experimental results obtained by microwave reflectometry on   HL-2A     (abstract)肖维文10:45-11:05
8Interaction   between Geodesic Acoustic Mode Zonal Flow and Amibent Turbulence in HL-2A   Tokamak Plasma(abstract)赵开君11:05-11:25
9Preliminary   Results of A Multi-channel Visible Spectrometer on HL-2A(abstract)韩晓玉11:25-11:45

序号      426日 下午)报告人 报   主持人
10First Results of Zeff Measurement on HL-2A        (abstract)余德良13:00-13:20
11Electron Heat   Transport Study with ECRH in HL-2A       (abstract)孙红娟13:20-13:40
12Effects of ECRH on runaways in the HL-2A tokamak     (abstract)张轶泼13:40-14:00
13A new HCN laser interferometer system on HL-2A        (abstract)李永高14:00-14:20
142MW ECRH system for HL-2A tokamak             (abstract)  14:20-14:40
15Analysis and   calculation on ECRH anode circuit on HL-2A(abstract)曾建尔14:40-15:00
16Mode measurement   of ECRH system in HL-2A tokamak(abstract)  15:00-15:20
17Transmission Characteristic Measurement and Analysis of LHCD on   HL-2A   (abstract)白兴宇15:20-15:40
18Several anti interference problems of magnetic field power   supplies      (abstract)王英翘15:40-16:00
19Online EFIT based on inhomogeneous platforms       (abstract)  16:00-16:20
20Conceptual design of HL-2M control system        (abstract)  16:20-16:40
21Some Attempts on Disruption Prediction in HL-2A         (abstract)  16:40-17:00

序号      427日 上午)报告人 报   主持人
22Study of ion temperature gradient driven instability from reduced   Braginskii equations abstract蒋海滨8:30-8:50
23Minimal dynamic   model for electron-temperature-gradient turbulence    (abstract)彭晓东8:50-9:10
24Characteristics   of New Pellet Injector on HL-2A (abstract)朱根良9:10-9:30
25Present discharge performance of bucket ion source designed for   HL-2A NBI      (abstract)邹桂清9:30-9:50
26Some Issues of Coil System Design   for HL-2A Modification       (abstract)   9:50-10:10
27Preliminary   investigation of VDE and its application on design of modified HL-2A (abstract)周航宇10:10-10:30
28Primary Design   of vacuum vessel for HL-2A modificatio(abstract)  10:30-10:50
29The Preliminary   Design of the PFC Support Structure for HL-2A Modificatio(abstract)  10:50-11:10
30HL-2A Tokamak MHD equilibrium reconstructions with EFIT code    (abstract)何宏达11:10-11:30
31Numerical Simulation of Static Stress for ITER Gravity   Supports      (abstract)侯炳林11:30-11:50

序号      4月27日 下午)报告人 报   主持人
32Rebuilt LMEL for Running Safety    (abstract)潘传杰13:00-13:20
33Liquid blanket related MHD effects experiment results from LMEL   facility at SWIP(abstract)许增裕13:20-13:40
34Primary results   on development of GDC/IVV transporter in ITER(abstract)王明旭13:40-14:00
35R&D of CuCrZr material   (abstract) 吴继红14:00-14:20
36Overview of the   research and development for CLF-1steel(abstract)王平怀14:20-14:40
37Progress of 3-D   Neutronics Analysis for China ITER Helium-cooled TBM-NT(abstract)张国书14:40-15:00
38Preliminary Failure mode and effect analysis on Chinese ITER   helium cooled solid breeder test blanket design concept(abstract)  15:00-15:20
39Thermal-Hydraulic   Safety Analysis for CH HCSB-TBM design(abstract)刘海波15:20-15:40
40Preliminary   design of manifold systems for Chinese HC-SB TBM(abstract)  15:40-16:00
41Structural scheme optimizing and preliminary analyses for the CH   HCSB TBM(abstract) 赵   16:00-16:20
42Conceptual   Design of Helium Experimental Loop(abstract)叶兴福16:20-16:40
43Fishbone Instability Excited by circulating electrons(abstract)王中天 16:40-17:00



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