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序号交 流 论 文 题 目(3月13日上午)报告人报 告 时 间主持人

开 幕 式
1Experiment Observation of Quasimode in HL -2A Tokamak   Plasma 董家齐8:45-9:00

2Observation of a Spontaneous Particle Transport Barrier in   HL -2ATokamak 丁玄同9:00-9:15
32MW ECRH/ECCD System and Experiment Results on   HL -2ATokamak 黄  梅9:15-9:30
4Ion Beam Extraction in HL -2A NBI System邹桂清9:30-9:45
5A Possible Model for Non-local Electron Heat Transport 王爱科9:45-10:00
6Development of Super-synchronization Speed Control Assembly for   80MVA Motor-Generator Unit of HL -2A李华俊10:00-10:15
7Analysis on the Electromagnetic Loads of PF Coils  for   HL -2MTokamak李  强10:15-10:30
8Progress in fabricating ITER first wall panel谌继明10:30-10:45
9Ion Drift-cyclotron Instability in Spherical Tori王中天10:45-11:00
10Turbulence Intermittency in the Scrape-off Layer of   HL -2A Tokamak 程  均11:00-11:15
11Electron Transport Barriers Induced by Off-axis ECRH on   HL -2A   董云波11:15-11:30
12Tearing Mode Suppression by Modulated Electron Cyclotron Resonance   Heating on HL -2A Tokamak邓    玮11:30-11:45
13Investigation of the Non-local Transport Phenomenon with SMBI on   HL -2A  孙红娟11:45-12:00
序号交 流 论 文 题 目(3月13日下午)报告人报 告 时 间主持人
14New Results of SMBI from both Sides on HL -2A赵大为13:00-13:15

15Thermal Flux to the Divertor Target of HL -2A Tokamak臧临阁13:15-13:30
16Observation of Fishbone-like instabilities excited by energetic   electrons on the HL -2A tokomak 陈  伟13:30-13:45
17The Simulation for Spectral Line Profile Based on Genetic   Algorithm Method孙  平13:45-14:00
18Tearing Mode Suppression by ECRH on the   HL -2A tokamak 季小全14:00-14:15
19Suppression of Runaway Electron during ECRH on   HL -2A tokamak张轶泼14:15-14:30
20Data Acquisition and Processing of multipoint Thomson scattering   system on HL -2A tokamak冯  震14:30-14:45
21Experiment Study of Particle Transport by Density Modulation李连才14:45-15:00
22Primary analysis of global energy confinement on HL -2A董春凤15:00-15:15
23The electron temperature and density profiles measured with   Thomson scattering diagnostics刘春华15:15-15:30
24Measurement of Zeff with Multichannel Bremsstrahlung System on   HL -2A杨立梅15:30-15:45
25Preliminary investigation of radiation behavior during SMBI with   or without ECRH李雪泓15:45-16:00
26Development of CdTe System for Suprathermal Electron Detection on   the HL -2A Tokamak袁国梁16:00-16:15
27Development of Polarizers for Electron Cyclotron Resonance Heating   (ECRH) System on HL -2A Tokamak张国庆16:15-16:30
28The Logical Control and Monitoring for Neutral Beam Injector on   HL-2A  李  立16:30-16:45
29Titanium Getter Pump System for HL -2A Neutral Beam   Injectors李  亮16:45-17:00
序号交 流 论 文 题 目(3月14日上午)报告人报 告 时 间主持人
30HL -2A Neutral Beam Power Measurement刘  鹤8:30-8:45

31The Effect of the Discharge Parameters on the Discharge   Performance in the Line-cusp Ion Source于利明8:45-9:00
32Numerical Study of MHD Instability in Tokamak Plasmas with GATO   Code沈  勇9:00-9:15
33The Conceptual Design of Toroidal Cryopump on HL -2M刘  杰9:15-9:30
34TSC Simulation of Ohmic Discharges in HL -2M李佳鲜9:30-9:45
35Current Design Status of HL -2M Magnetic Controller夏  凡9:45-10:00
36The Plasma Density Feedback Control System on HL -2ATokama高霄雁10:00-10:15
37Preliminary Considerations on Water Cooling System of   HL -2MCoils颉延风10:15-10:30
38Structural Analysis for Vacuum Vessel with Different   Cross-Sections on HL -2M李  勇10:30-10:45
39Preliminary Electromagnetic-Structural Computation with the TFC   code on HL -2M商胜峰10:45-11:00
40Study of Radial Displacement of Pellet Ablation Material in   Tokamak Core Fuel徐红兵11:00-11:15
41Parameter Optimization for the Vacuum Vessel Structure on HL-2M蔡立君11:15-11:30
42Dynamic response analyzing and control improving for high voltage   power supply 李  青11:30-11:45
43Preliminary Study of the H-Bridge for Fast Radial Field Power   Supply王英翘11:45-12:00
序号交 流 论 文 题 目(3月14日下午)报告人报 告 时 间主持人
44The Projection Progression of PSM Power Supply Unit徐伟东13:00-13:15

45Design and Simulation Debug on Control System of SVPWM Based on   DSP王海兵13:15-13:30
46Pulse Generator Excitation System Analysis刘晓龙13:30-13:45
47Neutronics Analysis and Design of NFM for ITER 杨进蔚13:45-14:00
48Recent Developments on FW Mockup Manufacturing吴继红14:00-14:15
49Transient Behavior in Gas Fuelling on ITER曾建尔14:15-14:30
50Alternative Designs and FEM Analyses for ITER Gravity Support侯炳林14:30-14:45
51The Conceptual Design of ALSB Based on CH HCSB TBM罗天勇14:45-15:00
52Cooling Enhance about of front Lid in the Shield Blanket for ITER闫慧博15:00-15:15
53Hydraulic Analysis of Flow Drivers inside ITER Shield Blocks康伟山15:15-15:30
54Benchmark Activation Experiment on Materials Relevant to Liquid   Blankets栗再新15:30-15:45
55Preliminary Calculation and Analysis of Three-dimensional   Neutronics for NFM Detector under Global ITER Structure张国书15:45-16:00
56Thermal-hydraulic Safety Analysis of Chinese Helium Cooled Solid   Breeder test Blanket Module for ITER 刘海波16:00-16:15
57Microstructure and Properties of TIG Weld Joints of CLF-1 steel王平怀16:15-16:30
58Numerical Simulation of MHD Effects of Liquid Metal Free Surface   Film Flow张秀杰16:30-16:45
59Redesign of gravity support system for ITER construction李鹏远16:45-17:00



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