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序号交 流 论 文 题 目(6月29日上午)报告人报 告 时 间 主持人地   点

开 幕 式

1First Results of ELM Mitigation with SMBI-CJI Fuelling in HL-2A   H-mode  Plasmas陈程远9:00-9:20
2Stabilization of Resistive Wall mode Instability by Trapped   Energetic Particles郝广周9:20-9:40
3Recent Progress on Experiments and Engineering Technique of   Auxiliary Heating  System on HL-2A曹建勇9:40-10:00
468GHz ECRH System Operation and Experiments周   俊10:00-10:20
5Updated Design of Chinese Solid Tritium Breeder TBM胡   刚10:20-10:40

6Current Status of the Reduced Activation Ferritic/Martensitic   Steel CLF-1 R&D王平怀10:40-11:00
7Preliminary Calculation of Electromagnetic Loads on Vacuum Vessel   of HL-2M蔡立君11:00-11:20
8Turbulence Suppression during Non-local Transport on HL-2A Tokamak石中兵11:20-11:40
序号交   流 论 文 题 目(6月29日下午)报告人报 告 时 间 主持人地 点
1Ion-banana-orbit Effect on Bootstrap Current for Small Magnetic   Island曲洪鹏13:00-13:20

2Shaping Effects on E-Fishbone Modes in Toroidal Plasmas王中天13:20-13:40
3Global Eigenvalue of Two Dimensional (2-D) Ballooning Equation of   the Second Kind谢   涛13:40-14:00
4Divertor Initial Design of HL-2A Upgrade Machine崔学武14:00-14:20
5Preliminary Design of MHD Dquilibrium Configuration for a New   Scheme of HL-2M李佳鲜14:20-14:40
6Space-resolved VUV Spectrometer System for Edge Impurity and   Temperature Profile Measurement in HL-2A崔正英14:40-15:00
7Study of Long Lasting Mode on HL-2A邓   玮15:00-15:20
8The Analysis of Spontaneous and Triggered ELMs on the HL-2A   Tokamak刘春华15:20-15:40
9Simulation and Testing for 1/5 Scale-down Samples of ITER GVB   Magnetic Shield夏志伟15:40-16:00
10Estimation of L-H Transition Time by SVM and Bayesian Methods on   HL-2A姚   可16:00-16:20
11Penetration Characters of Supersonic Molecular Beam Injection and   Gas Puffing余德良16:20-16:40
序号交   流 论 文 题 目(6月29日下午)报告人报 告 时 间 主持人地 点
1The Cooling Calculation of HL-2M Ohmic Coil江嘉明13:00-13:20

2Static Structural Analysis for Vacuum Vessel of ITER李   勇13:20-13:40
3Optimized Locations of HL-2M Ohmic Coils刘   健13:40-14:00
4Preliminary Results of Conductor Materials for HL-2M Coils邱   银14:00-14:20
5Development of Pellet Injector with Screw Extruder in HL-2A徐红兵14:20-14:40
6Experiments of Complementary Gas Puff for the Neutralizer of the   NB-injector on HL-2A Tokamak刘   鹤14:40-15:00
7Electromagnetic Analysis of HL-2M TF Coils卢   波15:00-15:20
8Evaluations on Reduction of the ITER TFC Ripple Generated by CN   HCCB-TBM陈颜静15:20-15:40
9Progress on Functional Materials of CN HCCB TBM冯勇进15:40-16:00
10Current Research of V-4Cr-4Ti Alloy at SWIP付海英16:00-16:20
11Research Progress of Plasma Facing Materials and Components at   SWIP练友运16:20-16:40
序号交   流 论 文 题 目(6月30日 上午)报告人报 告 时 间 主持人地 点
1MCNP Calculation for NFM of Equatorial Port 7袁国梁8:40-9:00

2Preliminary Simulation of ITER Divertor Langmuir Probes赵   伟9:00-9:20
3Zeff Profile   Diagnostics from Bremsstrahlung Continuum Emission Based on Visible  and   EUV Spectroscopy周航宇9:20-9:40
4Survey of Dust Formed in HL-2A Tokamak黄治辉9:40-10:00
5Evolution of the Bonding Defect Reported on the Toroidal Pumped   Limiter tiles of the Tore Supra Tokamak with Infrared Analysis才来中10:00-10:20
6Recent Progress of Neutral Beam Injection System Operation of   HL-2A魏会领10:40-11:00
7Research and Design of System Architecture for ITER Langmuir   Probes M&C赵  丽11:00-11:20
8Runaway Electron Generation during Major Disruptions in the HL-2A   Tokamak张轶泼11:20-11:40
9Fluctuation Suppression Induced by Gas Puffing in HL-2A程  均11:40-12:00
序号交   流 论 文 题 目 (6月30日 上午)报告人报 告 时 间 主持人地 点
1Developing of a One-dimensional Tritium Movement Code张   龙8:40-9:00

2Thermal Hydraulic and Structural Analysis of Chinese Solid Breeder   TBM王琦杰9:00-9:20
3Code Development and Benchmark for Analysis of Liquid Metal MHD   Duct Flows张秀杰9:20-9:40
4Pipe-Connection with Different Materials in TBMS Integration钟  原9:40-10:00
5R&D of Discharge Management System for HL-2M宋  啸10:00-10:20
6Analysis and Design of New Pulse Divider of High Voltage Power   Supply on  HL-2A王雅丽10:20-10:40



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