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编辑: 本网站发布时间: 2021年10月17日

题   目:Modeling runaway electron induced damage to ITER plasma-facing components

报告人:陈蕾 (博士后),ITER 国际组织

时   间:2021年10月18日(周一) 下午 15:00

地   点:聚变所二楼大会议室(远程)

摘   要:Relativistic runaway electrons (RE) carrying currents of up to 10 MA and kinetic energy up to 20 MJ could be formed during the current quench phase of plasma disruptions in ITER. The RE may thus impact plasma-facing components (PFC) in very localized areas. The objective of this work is to assess melt damage to the ITER PFCs induced by a RE beam strike.

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