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编辑: 本网站发布时间: 2022年08月17日

题   目:On scattering and damping of toroidal Alfven eigenmode by drift wave turbulence


时   间:2022年8月19日(周五) 上午 9:30  

地   点:聚变科学所二楼大会议室,兴隆湖五楼会议室(远程)

摘   要:We have employed the nonlinear gyrokinetic equations and investigated the effects of ambient microscopic drift wave turbulence on toroidal Alfven eigenmode (TAE) analytically. It is found that, for typical tokamak parameters, short wavelength kinetic Alfven waves (KAWs) residing within the shear Alfven continuum can be generated via scatterings of the low-n TAE by the high-n drift waves. Here, n is the toroidal mode number. As KAWs are damped by, mainly, the electrons, the TAE, consequently, will experience finite damping. We have derived the corresponding analytical expression of the damping rate and found that it could, typically, be comparable to the linear drive by energetic particles. The corresponding anomalous electron heating rate is also derived.


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