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序号     目(413日 上午)报告人   主持人

1Confinement and electron heat   transport during center fuelling by pellet injection on HL-2A(abstract)丁玄同8:45-9:05

2Study of the specific detachment   characteristics on HL-2A (abstract)潘宇东9:05-9:25
3Primary results of ECRH   experiment on HL-2A tokamak (abstract)石中兵9:25-9:45
4Simulation of radiation losses   using non-coronal model on HL-2A (abstract)   9:45-10:05
5Three Dimensional features of   Geodesic Acoustic Mode Zonal Flows in HL-2A Tokamak Plasmas(abstract)赵开君10:05-10:25
6Characteristics of disruptions on   HL-2A (abstract)周航宇10:25-10:45
7Plasma behavior with hydrogen jet   injection in the HL-2A tokamak (abstract)姚良骅10:45-11:05
8Observation of MBI and Pellet   Injection Penetration on HL-2A (abstract)孙红娟11:05-11:25
9Siliconization for Wall   Conditioning in the HL-2A Tokamak (abstract)    11:25-11:45
10Neutral Particle Transport in   Cylindrical Plasma Simulated by a Monte Carlo Code(abstract)余德良11:45-12:05

序号      414日   上午)报告人 报   主持人
11Feasibility Study of MSE System on HL-2A Tokamak (abstract)段旭如8:30-8:50

12A New Developing FIR Laser   Interferometer on HL-2A (abstract)  艳8:50-9:10
13The conceptual design for the   modification of HL-2A tokamak (abstract)刘德权9:10-9:30
14Pellet Injection Experiments on   the HL-2A Tokamak (abstract)朱根良9:30-9:50
15HL-2A Experiment Data Acquisition   and Processing System (abstract)陈燎原9:50-10:10
16Recent Progress of the Control   System on HL-2A (abstract)  强10:10-10:30
17Electron cyclotron resonace   heating system for HL-2A tokamak (abstract)  俊10:30-10:50
18Distribution measurement of   magnetic field for ECRH Gyrotron on HL-2A (abstract)白兴宇10:50-11:10
19The Design of the Microwave   Exciter for klystron (abstract)  浩11:10-11:30
20The Development of the Fast Arc   Protection Circuits for HL-2A ECRH System (abstract)李秀娟11:30-11:50
21Transient Temperature and Stress   Analysis of Ion Source Electrode (abstract)邹桂清11:50-12:10
序号      414日   下午)报告人 报   主持人
22Impurity Transport Investigation with Laser Blow-off in HL-2A (abstract)崔正英13:00-13:20

23Plasma image & neutral   particle count systemsand study of real time technology for HL-2A experiment (abstract)李国辉13:20-13:40
24Application of Virtual   Instrumentation Technology in HL-2A Data Acquisition and Processing System (abstract)  13:40-14:00
25Convertor status detector for the   OH power supply of HL-2A (abstract)王英翘14:00-14:20
26Stator-Flux Oriented Vector   Control System for Speed Control Assembly of 2500kW Double-Fed Motor(abstract) 彭建飞14:20-14:40
27Study of SPS for PSM power supply (abstract)徐伟东14:40-15:00
28Feedback Control System of ECRH   50kV/30A Power Supply (abstract)毛晓惠15:00-15:20
29Development of Modulator for ECRH   at HL-2A (abstract)   15:20-15:40
30PLC System of Double-Fed Speed   Control Assemblies for Two 80MVA Motor-Generator Sets of HL-2A(abstract)  莉15:40-16:00
31Experimental Investigation of MHD   Instabilities of Free Surface Jet and Film Flow for Liquid Metal   Divertor/Limiter Option (abstract)许增裕16:00-16:20
32Neutral gas pressure measured by   fast ionization gauge in HL-2A (abstract)王明旭16:20-16:40

序号      4月17日   上午)报告人 报   主持人
33ITER Shield Blanket Design (abstract)张   8:30-8:50

34Construction of HHF test facility   for Be/Cu joints and preliminary experiment results  (for IAEA) (abstract)   翔8:50-9:10
35Neutronics Calculation for   Chinese ITER HCSB NT-TB (abstract) 张国书9:10-9:30
36Activities of Research and   Development of ITER bellows assemblies (abstract)     9:30-9:50
37Safety Analyses of Chinese ITER   TBM Design with Helium-Cooled Solid Breeder Concept(abstract) 陈    志9:50-10:10
38Preliminary design for CH DEMO   blanket module with Helium-Cooled Solid Breeder Concept (abstract)   周10:10-10:30
39Tritium Permeation Studies and   RELAP5 Application for ITER TBM design (abstract) 刘海波10:30-10:50
40Hydraulic and Thermal Calculation   and Analysis of ITER Shield Block Module (abstract) 康伟山10:50-11:10
41Fishbone Instability Excited by   suprathermal Electrons (abstract) 王中天11:10-11:30
42MHD equilibrium configuration   reconstructions for HL-2A tokamak (abstract) 何宏达11:30-11:50
43Simultaneous Enhancement of Core Electron Density   and Temperature by Synergistic Effect of Molecular Beam Injection and Shock   due to Toroidal Flow (abstract)



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