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序号     目(323日上午)报告人报 告 时 间地点主持人

开 幕 式

1Simple semi-analytic toroidally axisymmetric equilibria with   natural D-shape separatrix 石秉仁900-920
2Gyrokinetics for High Frequency Modes in Tokamaks王中天920-940
3Operation and Experiments of ECRH System in Extraordinary Mode on   HL-2A周   俊940-1000
4The Radial Electromagnetic Force on the PF coils of HL-2M李   强1000-1020
5Primary experimental results of an MHD flow in the duct with flow   channel insert (FCI) 许增裕1020-1040
6Preliminary Study on Fusion-Fission Hybrid Reactor栗再新1040-1100
7Recent Progress of ITER GIS tube penetration design江   涛11100-1120
8Simulations of HL-2A H-mode experiment with ECRH孙爱萍1120-1140
9Toroidal Symmetry and Turbulent Regulation of Low Frequency Zonal   Flow in Tokamak Plasma赵开君1140-1200
序号     目(323日下午)报告人报 告 时 间
10Recent progress of first mirrors protection and cleaning on HL-2A   tokamak周   艳1300-1320

11Investigation of SMBI fuelling efficiency on HL-2A陈程远1320-1340
12Electro-Magnetic calculation on HL-2M宋显明1340-1400
13Ion beam characteristics of the ion source for HL-2A Tokomak邹桂清1400-1420
14HL-2M pumping system and pumping speed estimation 潘宇东1420-1440
15The Development and Preliminary Results of Multi-channel Gas   Stripping NPA on HL-2A吴哲英1440-1500
16DSP control system development of 3-phase cycloconverter without   circulating current彭建飞1500-1520
17Excitation of m/n=1/1 internal kink mode during neutral beam   injection on HL-2A陈   伟1520-1540
18A New Modular Design Concept for CN HCSB TBM for ITER张国书1540-1600
19Gyrokinetic Particle Simulation of Edge Turbulence in HL-2A   Tokamak刘   峰1600-1620
20Measurement of ion temperature profile based on CXRS in the HL-2A   tokamak韩晓玉1620-1640
序号     目(324日上午)报告人报 告 时 间地点主持人
1Effects of Turbulence Viscosity and Plasma Rotation on   Resistive-Wall-Mode Stability郝广周840-900

2HL-2A Plasma Disruption Prediction Using Artificial Neuron   Networks马   瑞900-920
3The finite Larmor radius effect on micro-island stability曹锦佳920-940
4Effects of finite Larmor radius on the ballooning modes in   tokamaks蒋海滨940-1000
5Study of Supersonic Molecular Beam Fuelling with Hα Arrays on the   HL-2A Tokamak余德良1000-1020
6Toroidal correlation of blobs in the scrape-off layer of HL-2A   plasma程   均1020-1040
7Data processing of multipoint Thomson scattering system on HL-2A邱   银1040-1100
8Global effect of central MHD acticity during high power auxiliary   heating on HL-2A邓   玮1100-1120
9Preliminary study of energy confinement data with a statistical   analysis system in HL-2A徐   媛1120-1140
10Doppler Shift Spectroscopy for the Measurement of Ion Species of   HL-2A Neutral Beam Injector杨立梅1140-1200
序号     目(324日下午)报告人报 告 时 间地点主持人
11Design of CO2 Collective Scattering system on HL-2A姚   可1300-1320

12Recent Progress in Suprathermal Electron Radiation Diagnosis   system on the HL-2A Tokamak袁国梁1320-1340
13Infrared Imaging Video Bolometer Design on the HL-2A Tokamak臧临阁1340-1400
14Primary experimental results of the dichroic filter on FIR laser   interferometer郑   灵1400-1420
15Observation of MHD instabilities during NBI heating in HL-2A季小全1420-1440
16The results of density measurement by YAG laser Thomson scattering   on HL-2A Tokamak刘春华1440-1500
17Enhancement of energetic electron production in ECRH plasmas in   the HL-2A Tokamak张轶泼1500-1520
18Study on the Proton Ratio of HL-2A Bucket Ion Source于利明1520-1540
序号     目(324日 上午)报告人报 告 时 间地点主持人
1The Development of Extruded Pellet Injector in  HL-2A   Tokamak朱根良840-900

2A new RZIP controller applied in HL-2A experiment夏   凡900-920
3A Start-up compensation technology of ECRH and LHCD high voltage   power supplies李   青920-940
4Improvement and result analysis of HL-2A generator exciting   feedback control system刘晓龙940-1000
5Introduction to 2500kW bipolar winding asynchronous motor   manufacture王海滨1000-1020
6Preliminary Structural and Buckling Analysis for the Vacuum Vessel ofHL-2M李   勇1020-1040
7TSC simulation of the volt-second consumption during current   ramp-up in HL-2M李佳鲜1040-1100
8Using matrix method to calculate vertical electromagnetic force of   poloidal field coils in HL-2M王   灏1100-1120
9Numerical Simulation of MHD Equilibrium Configuration for HL-2A   Modification陈   谦1120-1140
10Electromagnetic Load on the Vacuum Vessel of HL-2M Under Centered   Plasma Disruption蔡立君1140-1200
序号     目(324日 下午)报告人报 告 时 间地点主持人
11Simulation of HL-2M Central Solenoid Power Supplies王英翘1300-1320

12The alternative design and analysis for ITER Gravity Support using   bolt clamp侯炳林1320-1340
13Preliminary study of ways to reduce the ITER TF coil ripples   generated by TBMs陈颜静1340-1400
14Investigation of plasma heat flux to Langmuir Probes for ITER唐永福1400-1420
15Finite Element Analysis of Magnetic Shielding Effect for Valve   Boxes in Gas Injection System on ITER夏志伟1420-1440
16Preliminary study on the pebble beds for the CH HCSB TB赵   周1440-1500
17Progress on the R&D of China RAFM steel CLF-1王平怀1500-1520
18Numerical Analysis of MHD duct flow with a Flow Channel Insert张秀杰1520-1540
19The strengthening of V-4Cr-4Ti by aging and cold-working郑鹏飞1540-1600



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