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序号交 流 论 文 题 目(6月28日上午)报告人报 告 时 间地点主持人

开 幕 式

1Exact single-null diverted tokamak equilibria石秉仁9:00-9:20
2R & D of the Fabrication Technology for ITER Magnet Supports李鹏远9:20-9:40
3Preliminary study of variable harmonics elimination for 125MVA   motor generator王英翘9:40-10:00
4Experimental Studies of MHD Flow in a Rectangular Duct with FCIs 许增裕10:00-10:20
5Statues of the ECRH System on HL -2A 周   俊10:20-10:40
6Blob birth and propagation characteristics on the   HL -2A tokamak 程   均10:40-11:00
7Destabilization of Beta-induced Alfvén Eigenmodes in the   HL -2A Tokamak 陈   伟11:00-11:20
8The study of current, position and shape controller based on mixed   sensitivity theory 夏   凡11:20-11:40
序号交 流 论 文 题 目(6月28日下午)报告人报 告 时 间地点主持人
1A simplified momentum conservation analysis on transport reduction   induced by zonal flow and turbulent dissipations王爱科13:00-13:20

2Relativistic Quasilinear Description of Three Dimensional   Diffusion王中天13:20-13:40
3Gyrokinetic simulation of turbulence and geodesic   acoustic  modes in edge plasmas of HL -2A Tokamak刘   峰13:40-14:00
4Effects of Turbulence Induced Viscosity and Plasma Flow on   Resistive Wall Mode Stability郝广周14:00-14:20
5Studies on Neutral Beam Ion Confinement and MHD Induced Fast-Ion   Loss on the HL -2A Tokamak刘   仪14:20-14:40
6Investigation of the Reduced Core Turbulence Triggered by ECRH   Switch-off on HL -2A石中兵14:40-15:00
7Particle Transport Experiments in HL -2A Tokamak with   SMBI and ECRH肖维文15:00-15:20
8Fuelling efficiency and penetration of supersonic molecular beam   injection in HL -2A tokamak plasmas余德良15:20-15:40
9A new processing method of density fluctuation on   HL -2A tokamak李长征15:40-16:00
10The application of Park-inversion on   HL -2A interferometer system李永高16:00-16:20
11Experiment Study of Particle Transport by Density   Modulation       李连才16:20-16:40
序号交 流 论 文 题 目报告人报 告 时 间地点主持人
1Development of pellet fuelling system in    HL -2A tokamak朱根良13:00-13:20

2Progress of Manifold Design for ITER Gas Injection System江   涛13:20-13:40
3The status of high power neutral beam injection on   HL -2A Tokamak邹桂清13:40-14:00
4Optimization of Experimental Discharge Parameters to Increase the   Arc Efficiency of a Bucket Ion Source于利明14:00-14:20
5Preliminary evaluation of electromagnetic effect on CN HCCB-TBM   during plasma disruptions陈颜静14:20-14:40
6Properties of lithium orthosilicate breeder material by melting冯勇进14:40-15:00
7Research Progress of Tungsten Coatings Used as Plasma Facing   Materials练友运15:00-15:20
8Activation and shielding analysis for HCSB TBM栗再新15:20-15:40
9Research and development of reduced activation   ferritic/martensitic steel CLF -1 in SWIP王平怀15:40-16:00
10Modeling for the thermal conductivity of Li4SiO4 and Be pebble   beds赵   周16:00-16:20
11The Design and Integration of CN Helium Cooled Ceramic Breeder   Test Blanket System in ITER向   斌16:20-16:40
12Analysis of tritium transport behaviors in CN HCCB test blanket   system张   龙16:40-17:00
序号交 流 论 文 题 目(6月29日 上午)报告人报 告 时 间地点主持人
1Tomography with bolometer in  HL -2A高金明8:40-9:00

2Preliminary Study of the Neutral Beam Emission Spectroscopy   Diagnostic on the HL -2A Tokamak钟武律9:00-9:20
3Investigation of Anomalous Runaway Enhancement in Synergetic ECRH   and Supersonic Molecular Beam Injection Experiments on the HL -2A张轶泼9:20-9:40
4Scnario of deuterium/hydrogen cluster measurement by TOFMS陈程远9:40-10:00
5Modeling and neutronic analysis of CN HCCB TBM based on Alite41   global ITER model赵奉超10:00-10:20
6Observation of edge impurity screening in L- and H-mode discharges   with additional ECH and NBI heating of HL -2A崔正英10:20-10:40
7Features of Edge Localized Modes in the HL -2A tokamak黄   渊10:40-11:00
8Active Control of Fast-Ion-Stabilized Sawteeth   by Electron-Cyclotron Current Drive on HL -2A董云波11:00-11:20
9Grill design of LHCD antenna on HL -2M tokamak白兴宇11:20-11:40
10Design and analysis of ECRH antenna for 4 beams injecting on   HL -2A王   超11:40-12:00
序号交 流 论 文 题 目报告人报 告 时 间地点主持人
1Electromagnetic Analysis of ITER Shield Blanket康伟山8:40-9:00

2Characterization of Chinese Beryllium as the Candidate Armor   Material of ITER First Wall刘   翔9:00-9:20
3Virtual Reality technology application in HL -2M design宋显明9:20-9:40
4Recent Applications of Measurement and Control on   HL -2A Tokamak赵   丽9:40-10:00
5Research on the Thyristor Digital Trigger for Frequency-Tracking   Based on DSP蒋   健10:00-10:20
6Analysis of 300MVA Motor Generator Selection and Design Points for   HL -2M彭建飞10:20-10:40
7Design of embedded control system for high power tetrode modulator涂   瑞10:40-11:00
8Development of vibration measurement system for the   pulse generators王海兵11:00-11:20
9The analysis of the stored energy of the stray capacitance in PSM   HV power supply system on HL -2A徐伟东11:20-11:40



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