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序号交 流 论 文 题 目(2月27日上午)报告人报告时间主持人
1Opening AddressDuan   X.R.  8:50-8:55Xu ,Y.
2Brief introduction for this meetingXu ,Y.8:55-9:00

Plenary       Session
1MHD instabilities during NBI and its role as a trigger of transport barriers in HL-2A plasmLiu ,Y.9:00-9:25Xu ,Y.

Session A: MHD & Energetic Particle Physics
1Finite toroidal flow generated by resistive   wall tearing mode in a toroidal plasmaHao ,G. Z.9:30-9:45Ding ,X.T
2Onset of neoclassical tearing modes during non-local effect with   SMBI in the HL-2A tokamakJi ,X.Q9:45-10:00
3Fishbone modes in plasmas with dual neutral beam injection heatingHe ,H.D10:00-10:15
4Session break
5Kink Modes in PedestalWang ,Z. T.10:25-10:40Xu, Y.
6Investigations of toroidal rotation damping during LLM and   sawtooth activities on HL-2ADeng ,W.10:40-10:55
7Experimental studies of ELM-precursors and ELM driven MHD   instabilities in HL-2A H-mode plasmasLiu ,C.H.10:55-11:10
8Session break
9Self-excitation growth of MHD island in a toroidal plasmaWang ,A.K.11:20-11:35Dong, J. Q.
10The m/n= 3/2 spontaneous onset MHD mode on the HL-2AXu ,Yuan11 :35-11 :50

Session B : Plasma Control & Data Processing
1The Development of Big Control System for HL-2A/HL-2MXia ,F.9:30—9:45Song ,X.M.
2Plasma Position Calibration on HL-2AWang ,S.9:45—10:00
3Motor Comprehensive Parameters Monitoring SystemXu ,G.J.10 :00-10 :15
4Session break
10 :15-10 :25
5Research on  EFIT algorithmMao ,R.10 :25-10 :40Yuan ,B.S.
6Model of identifying the plasma boundary on HL-2ASong ,X.10 :40-10 :55
7Design of Interlock Control System for Neutral Beam Injector Ion   Source Test BenchRen ,L.L10 :55-11 :10
8Session break
11 :10-11 :20Wang, Y. Q.
9Tokamak Modeling and Plasma Scenario Development for HL-2MSong ,X.M.11 :20-11 :35
10Neutral Beam Injector Ion Source Timing Control SystemZhou ,J.11 :35-11 :50
序号交 流 论 文 题 目(2月27日 下午 )报告人报告时间主持人

Plenary       Session
1New progress on design and R&D for Chinese solid breeder TBMFeng K. M.13:30-13:55Dong, J. Q.

Session A: Transport
1Sensitivity study of impurity transport in tokamak scrape-off   layer to source location and sputtering characteristics in HL-2ACui ,Z. Y.14:00-14:15 Yan,   L. W.
2First result of highly-ionized impurity emission distribution   measured by grazing-incidence EUV spectrometer on HL-2ADong ,C.F.14:15-14:30
3The influence of supersonic molecular beam injection on the   filaments-induced convective transport in HL-2A tokamakNie ,L.14:30-14:45
4Observation of heat flux to outer divertor plate in HL-2AGao ,J.M.14 :45-15:00
5Session break
15:00-15 :10

 Session A: Edge & Pedestal Physics
1High to intermediate(H-I)confinement transition stimulated by   supersonic molecular beam injection and back transition in the HL-2A tokamakCheng ,J.15:10-15:25Xu, Y.
2The role of edge plasma instabilities in dynamical evolution of   pedestal in the HL-2A tokamakZhong ,W.L.15:25-15:40
3The observation of Synchronous Oscillation prior to Disruption in   HL-2A tokamakJiang ,M.15:40-15:55
4Numerical simulations and validations of SMBI in HL-2A tokamakWang, Z. H.15:55-16:10
5Features of pellet induced perturbations on HL-2A tokamakHuang ,Y.16:10-16:25
6Eigenmode characteristics of drift wave instability in the   presence of magnetic island in tokamak edge plasmasHu ,S. L.16:25-16:40

Session B: HL-2M
1Advanced Divertor Analysis of HL-2MZheng ,G.Y.14:00-14:15Song ,X.M.
2Preliminary Design of Basic Equilibrium Configuration and   Discharge Waveform for HL-2MLi ,J.X.14:15-14:30
3Some New Manufacturing Progress of Coil System on HL-2MQiu ,Y.14:30-14:45
4Application of PLC Ring Network System in HL-2MSun ,J.14 :45-15:00
5Session break
15:00-15 :10

Session B: TBM & Materials
1Updated design and analyses of CN HCCB TBMHu ,G.15:10-15:25Feng ,K.M.
2R&D status of CLF-1 steel for CN ITER TBMWang ,P.H.15:25-15:40
3Preparation and detection of the standard defect moduleFeng ,F.15:40-15:55
4Recent Progress of Tungsten as Plasma Facing Materials &   Components at SWIPLian ,Y.Y15:55-16:10
5Development of CN HCCB DEMO Tritium Analysis Code and its    ApplicationWang ,J.16:10-16:25
6Preliminary thermal-hydraulic design and simulation for hybrid   breeder blanketWang ,X.Y.16:25-16:40
序号交 流 论 文 题 目(2月28日 上午 )报告人报告时间主持人

Plenary       Session
1Progresses of material researches at SWIP in 2013Zheng ,P.F.9:00—9:25 Yan,L.W.

Session A: Transport & Diagnostics
1Mechanism of low-intermediate-high confinement transitions in   TokamaksDong, J. Q.9:30-9:45Yan L. W.
2Transitions and Interactions of Low-frequency MHD Modes during NBI   Heating on HL-2AYu ,L.M.9:45-10:00
3Measurements of fast-ion losses induced by various MHD   instabilities using scintillator-based probe in the HL-2A tokamakZhang ,Y.P.10 :00-10 :15
4Session break
10 :15-10 :25
5Development of microwave imaging reflectometry on the HL-2A   tokamakShi ,Z.B.10 :25-10 :40Xu, M.
6Evolution of the ion temperature in pedestal during the ELM   mitigation by SMBIYu ,D.L.10 :40-10 :55
7Disruption mitigation with SMBI and MGIon HL-2A and J-TEXTDong ,Y. B.10 :55-11 :10
8Session break
11 :10-11 :20
9Preliminary research on the HCOOH laser interferometer-polarimeter   on HL-2ALi ,Y.G.11:20-11:35Shi, Z.B.
10Space and time resolved charge exchange recombination spectroscopy   diagnostic system on the HL-2A tokamakWei ,Y.L.11 :35-11:50
11Thermal Analysis of ITER Divertor Langmuir ProbeZhao ,W.11:50-12:05

Session B:  TBM & ITER
1Status of development of functional materials for CN HCCB TBMFeng ,Y.J.9:30—9:45
2Investigation of coupling MHD rectangular ducts flows based on a   fully developed modelingZhang ,X.J.9:45—10:00
3Conceptual Design for the structure of CN HCCB TBM with 1×4   configurationZhao ,Z.10 :00-10 :15
4Session break
10 :15-10 :25
5Preliminary considerations of toroidal field coils of normal   conductor CFETRLiu ,J.10 :25-10 :40Yuan, B. S.
6Preliminary Design of the ITER GDC Permanent Electrode HeadLin ,T.10 :40-10 :55
7Thermal-hydraulic analysis and optimization of ITER GDC electrodeLu ,Y.10 :55-11 :10
8Session break
11 :10-11 :20
9Study on Key Factors of Magnetic Shielding under Strong DC Field   Relevant to ITERXia ,Z.W.11:20-11:35Yuan. B. S.
10Qualification test for full-scale gravity support of ITER magnet   supportsHou ,B.L.11 :35-11:50
序号交 流 论 文 题 目(2月28日 下午 )报告人报告时间主持人

Plenary       Session
1HL-2A recent experimentsXu ,M.13:30-13:55Ding ,X.T.

Session A: Plasma heating
1A test bed for the 3.7GHz/2MW LHCD system on HL-2ALu ,B.14:00-14 :15Yan ,L.W.
2The ECRH H-mode experiments in the HL-2A tokamakSong ,S.D.14 :15-14 :30
3Dependence of extraction current on arc current in neutral beam   ion sourceWei ,H.L.14:30-14:45
4Improvements of Neutral Beam Control System in HL-2AHe ,Z.H.14:45-15:00
5Session break

6Progress of the 2MW/3.7GHz/2s LHCD system on HL-2AZeng.H15:10-15 :25 Yan   ,L.W.
7Simulation of rarefied gas distribution in NBI system with PEGASUS   softwareLi.M15:25-15:40

Session B: Tokamak Design & Power Suppy
1Preliminary consideration of HL-2M first wall engineering designCai ,L.J.14:00-14 :15Wang, Y. Q.
2Preliminary Thermo-mechanical Analysis of the ITER Gas   Distribution System ManifoldsCao ,C.Z.14 :15-14 :30
3Numerical Analyses of Electromagnetic Forces on the ITER Blanket   Module Shield Block during Major DisruptionKang ,W.S.14:30-14:45
4The latest I&C architecture design for ITER NFM_Eq#7Zhao ,L.14:45-15:00
5Session break
650kV Isolated Feedback Circuit Design of ECRH Anode Power SupplyYao ,T.15:10-15 :25Wang, Y. Q.
7Design on Magnetic field Power Supply Control System for HL-2MLi ,W.B15:25-15:40
8Preliminary finite element analysis of ITER GDC cooling water pipe   and penetration structureHan. W15:40-15:55
9Conceptual Design of HL-2A In-vessel Coils Power SupplyRen.q.h15:55-16:10



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