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编辑: 本网站发布时间: 2023年10月21日

题   目: Magnetic reconnection during sawteeth crashes

报告人: Dr. Valentin Igochine

时   间: 2023年10月24日(周二)  上午 9:30 

地   点: 聚变所二楼大会议室

摘   要: Sawtooth oscillations are periodic relaxations of the core plasma density and temperature in tokamaks. The rise of the temperature due to external heating is terminated by the crash phase, which includes magnetic reconnection, This is the case of fast magnetic reconnection in collisionless plasmas with a strong guide field (toroidal magnetic field in tokamak). Recent measurements show that simplified models are not able to explain there connection dynamics during the crash and two-fluid effects have to be considered. In this case, numerical simulations show good agreement with the observations at the crash, At the same time the present simulations are not able to explain all experimentally observed phenomena, for example, the existence of instability after the crash phase in the experiments. The trigger problem also remains open. The talk provides a general over view of the problem and connects its to the other reconnection research.

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