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编辑: 本网站发布时间: 2023年10月30日

题   目:Resonant Axisymmetric Modes in Tokamak Plasmas: analytic theory, numerical simulations, and experimental observations

报告人: Prof Franco Porcelli 

时   间: 2023年10月31日(周二)  上午 9:30 

地   点: 聚变所二楼大会议室

摘   要: Axisymmetriic modes (toroidal mode number n=0) exhibit an MHD singularity at magnetic X-points of a divertor tokamak configuration, where the equilibrium poloidal field vanishes. The resonance is expected to give rise to current sheets peaking at the X-point and extending along the magnetic separatrix, which may have a profound impact on the stability of vertical plasma displacements. Furthermore, vertical displacement oscillatory modes, with a characteristic frequency close to the poloidal Alfvén frequency, can interact resonantly with energetic ions, giving rise to a new type of fast ion instability with mode number n=0. We will discuss the analytic theory, numerical simulations and experimental observations of n=0 modes in tokamak plasmas.

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