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编辑: 本网站发布时间: 2023年11月21日

题   目: X point effects on tokamak equilibrium and stability

报告人: Dr. Linjin Zheng,The University of Science and Technology of China and Institute of Physics – Beijing, Chinese Academy of Sciences

时   间: 2023年11月23日(周四)  上午 9:30 

地   点: 聚变所二楼大会议室

摘   要: The talk will address the X point effects on tokamak equilibrium and stability and their impact on the physical interpretation of experimental observations. For equilibrium, it will be proved mathematically that the tokamak X point is not the letter “X” like. The angle of X point legs may expand or contract. For stability, it is pointed out that the experimentally observed filament is aligned with the local magnetic field line so that one cannot use the surface-averaged safety factor q to describe the edge physics. With the dual-poloidal-region q coordinates introduced, it is proved that there are two types of modes. The conventional peeling-ballooning modes become aligned with the local field in the core region with the X point contributing a stabilization effect. There is an axisymmetric mode in the X point area. The existence of axisymmetric modes points to the possibility of applying a toroidally axisymmetric resonant magnetic perturbation (RMP) in the X-point area for mitigating the edge localized modes, which can be much simpler than the current RMP design.

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